Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thoughtful Gifts

Today the doorbell rung and as I looked out the window I saw a delivery truck pulling away.
 I hadn't ordered anything  but a package always makes me excited.
This is what was waiting for me.. it was actually addressed for Jacob.

So what is it...what is it....what is it?  Do you like the excitement I'm trying to create.
We'll it's one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts I've ever received.
It was sent by a former co-worker and current friend. When he heard about Jacob's diagnosis...he and his wife sent this present.
It was a leap frog musical table. You see the majority of Williams Syndrome kids love music. It's like their thing they can cling to. The card you like music... then you'll love this toy.
Thank you friends.. 
But they aren't the only ones giving thoughtful gifts.
My sister gave Jacob this the first time she saw him after finding out about WS.

It's a Bee Bop Band Set.
Meg we expect you to be the drummer in the White family band.
You see these gifts are not just presents...they mean our support group is ready to go.
To love Jacob and help him in anyway possible.  Thank you everyone for loving my little boy.

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meg said...

Ready to drum on sista dear. Rocky Top will never be the same. Kiss my baby for me.